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Asbestos Removal in Rutherford, NSW

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Black Diamond Services are professional’s in handling Asbestos

From initial sampling to the clean and safe removal of all Asbestos related products, whether found in or around your home or at school or commercial work place no job is too big or too small for our team. Based in Newcastle and servicing the Hunter valley, Pt Stephen and Pt Macquarie amongst other regions, Black Diamond Services pride themselves on prompt response, you just make the call we’ll find the time.

Our team are punctual and friendly and above all reliable, with a collective experience of 17 years in Asbestos removal and the demolition industry, Black Diamond Services hold the appropriate licences and safety certification and knowledge to keep your household or business running smoothly whilst removing the hazzardous material in the safest manner. Nobody wants Asbestos and we want to remove it.

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Asbestos Removal & Testing Services


If you think or you know you have found Asbestos in or around your home then please contact us. We will be there to take samples and make a sound plan to encapsulate the area or areas involved, we make sure these areas are sealed and taped off whilst removal takes place and all other areas in close vicinity are thoroughly sealed off and drop sheeted for protection. We are specialists in dust suppression during demolition and after removal of all Asbestos related products the air will be monitored and all related surfaces shall be wiped down, HEPA vac’d then sprayed & sealed. We guarantee to leave your home a safe place for you and your family to live and breathe.

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Have you discovered Asbestos or Asbestos related products at your place of business, contact us for a prompt response and we will come to your site and have samples taken for testing. Black Diamond Services will make a thorough plan for the safe removal of this hazardous material whilst you maintain your daily work routine. We are specialists in dust suppression andall safe work procedures during removal. Your workplace areas and machinery will be sheeted and sealed wherever required and after removal shall be cleaned and the air quality monitored and cleared by a third party. We’re here to keep you working and your staff at ease.

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Whether it’s domestic or commercial demolition, Asbestos related or non Asbestos related you can be sure Black Diamond Services will assess whatever the situation is with a professional approach. Safety is always at the forefront of our company’s ethics so you can be sure the right equipment and the correct precautions will be taken on site before, during and after demolition no matter where no matter when that’s our promise to you.

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You may have mould growing in areas of your home or business or found out the old paint you see is lead based. We are specialists in the safe removal of materials either infested with mould or covered in lead based paints, we take this seriously just like Asbestos and the removal and disposal of such materials will be done in the safest of manner with all the same precautions taken that’s our promise to you.

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Residential Asbestos Removal – Cement sheeting containing Asbestos or “fibro” as it is commonly known was a very popular building material prior to 1990 and heavily used in wet areas. It may be likely you will find it behind your tiles in the bathroom walls. If you are thinking of renovating bathroom areas and have concerns please contact us for assessment. Commercial Asbestos Removal – Corrugated cement roofing containing Asbestos was heavily used in the commercial building industry prior to 1990.

This may be found in many large roof structures such as old warehouses and schools. If your company has any concerns about materials containing Asbestos please contact us now. Home Demolition – You may be looking to subdivide or to demolish your existing house to build bigger and better. Whether your old home contains Asbestos or it’s just a simple demolition, contact us and we will come to you for a safe and quick solution to get you rebuilding your future.


Black Diamond Services pride themselves on being punctual and reliable, there is no job too big or small for this professional and friendly team. We uphold a strict safety policy on every site and work hard to go the extra mile when it comes to completing every task so you know your family home or business is in the right hands. And remember if you’re in the Newcastle area were locals.